Sunday, May 6, 2012

Removing Glitter Polish

I will admit, even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter polish, I have had such a hell of a time removing it that I have honestly considered giving it up. It is just such a pain in the ass. In fact I have passed up a few glittery polishes I knew I would like just thinking about when the time would come to take them off.

I was at Ulta to buy some new polish remover and I found this Elegant Touch nail polish and artificial nail remover. It's acetone but it seems to work better on glitters than other acetone removers I have used before.
The directions say to soak nails in a bowl, but I don't do that. I still use this on a cotton square. But even with this I was still having the problem with the cotton squares shredding up  from the glitter. Then I was at CVS and found these:
They are just like the regular cosmetic squares but they have little dots on them that are for exfoliating. They work so much better than the regular cotton squares. I still wouldn't call it fun to remove glitter polish but the combination of these two items makes it a  LOT easier. How do you remove your glitter polish?


  1. I know what you mean, whenever I'm planning on wearing glitter polishes I have to seriously commit because I know that in a few days time I'm going to dedicate around 15 minutes just to removing it again. I normally use the lid of my bottle of nail polish remover and pour some of the liquid in there, and then dip one nail in at a time to soak for around 30 seconds. Even then I usually have to soak them for a further 20 seconds or so! What a commitment we have to make aha!


  2. I've found that the "scrub tubs" with acetone work pretty well for removing glitter for me.