Sunday, March 25, 2012

Final update on Shellac manicure

I don't have any pictures for this yet, but I just wanted to update and say that I ended up keeping the Shellac mani on for 5 weeks!! It never chipped anymore than the initial small chip, the problem was grow-out. The stuff was hard as hell to remove though! I did the wrapping my nails in foil after putting on a cotton ball with pure acetone and 10 minutes did nothing to it. I did another 10 minutes and then scraped and scraped and scraped. To be honest, I still couldn't get all of the base stuff off so it kind of messed up my nails a little bit. I can't wear a cream polish right now, even after using Essie Fill the Gap. All in all, the manicure was a success but I don't really like to keep polish on that long, so I probably won't get getting another one. I do have some gel polish systems and a UV light so I will be doing some experiments on my own, of course I will post them when I do!

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