Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Haul, part 1

Well, in these last few weeks I have managed to do more shopping for myself than for anyone else, haha. But I did finally get my shopping done on Christmas Eve after a marathon 9 hour day of shopping. So for part one, I will show you some of nail polishes I got for myself and for Christmas. It's actually a little embarrassing. I did have some store credits and gift cards from last Christmas that I decided I'd finally use. Money has been tight and if I get them when I have money I don't spend them so I will be able to make myself feel better when I don't have money. It's burned me a couple of times because I've waited too long to use them and they have expired. I actually had a gift certificate to Urban Outfitters for like 8 years and by the time I needed to use it they had moved on to gift cards and couldn't even process the old school paper certificates. Oh boy. Anyway, here's the start of the nail polish end of things:

I had to break these down into several pictures, there were too many :-O First off, the minis:
 I did label them on the picture but if I make it big enough to read it throws everything out of whack so I'll just post the names here:
(L-R) Orly mini Oh Cabana Boy, Essence Colour & Go You Belong to Me, Hard Candy blue glitter, HC matte purple glitter, HC lime glitter (these were Christmas special minis that did not have names listed), and Orly mini Blue Belle.

 Next up are the Revlon polishes. You can see a lot of them are marked 75% off. These were from CVS and made them roughly $1.37 a bottle.
Click to enlarge photo
Colors from left to right (including those slightly behind the others):
Blue Lagoon, Whimsical (glitter), Princess, Starry Pink (glitter), Powder Puff (matte suede), Sublime Strawberry (scented), Ruby Ribbon (matte suede), Orchid and Fire Fox (matte suede)

Next up we have the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure:
Click to enlarge photo
Colors left to right are: Fairy Teal, Hidden Treasure, Himalayan Blue (<3) and Thinking of Blue.

Here are the rest of the Sally Hansen polishes I got:
Click to enlarge photo

Colors: Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion, Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink, Gem Crush in Bling-tastic, Diamond Strength in Lilac Chantilly, Gem Crush in Lady Luck and Hard as Nails Frozen Solid.

OK That's enough for now. This post is long enough and I still have lots more to show you. I want to head out and hit the after Christmas sales for a bit, so I will post more polish porn in a bit. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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