Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Shopping Haul, polish part 2: The sets

The first set I got was this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri minis set. I got this on after Christmas clearance for $3. By the way you can click on all images to enlarge.

I had to try all the colors to see how they came out and whatnot. I have to say I was pretty impressed. I even like all the colors, before trying them I was a little leary about the orange and green/yellow (I can't quite tell) colors.

But I think they all look pretty good.

Next up Wet n Wild coloricon glitter polishes. Granted I'm missing a couple from the full set, but they were colors I would not wear (gold) or an exact dupe of something I already own, so I didn't bother. What I did like about these is that most of them have interesting glitter in them, it's not always matchy matchy.

My cat Trixie likes these too! They are nice for glitters, the glitter is pretty dense, and doesn't take too many coats to make a full glitter nail. I got these at Walgreens, $3 a piece.
Colors are, L to R: Rockin' Rubies, Cost Is No Issue, Believe Me, It's Real (i love that the larger glitters in this are purple, goes nicely with the blue), It's All In The Cut, Back Alley Deals, and Diamond in the Rough.

Next up is the Shades of the Season tube they had for sale at CVS. I got this for half price so I paid $5. And I had a $5 extra bucks coupon so really I got this for free!!

This one is called the Glitter Collection. There are no color names on these polishes, but I put them back in the tube in order to talk about them. They are all glitters, but the bottom 4 are very sparse glitter. I will use these as a top coat over other colors. The other colors are awesome. I love them all, they go on like a dream, have light glitter, good pigmentation and only needed 2 coats.

After I went to the store for something a few minutes ago and decided I'd get the other set of Shades of the Season, the "Classics".

I haven't tried any yet, but if I even like half of them as much a I like those in the glitter collection it will be well worth it.

OK, we are almost done (with part 2 at least), with one last collection. This is from Color Club, it is their glittery Vixen collection. I found this at Walgreens and it was $7. There were 2 other collections there as well but the colors in them were all similar to stuff I already have.

The colors in this set are Sex Symbol, Magic Attraction, Sultry Diva, Art of Seduction, Sexy Siren, Object of Passion and Tru Passion. I did already have Tru Passion but it's a nice color so I don't mind having an extra.

Well, that's it for part 2, stay tuned for part three, coming soon!!!

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