Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Profusion Spotlight palette swatches and review

Profusion is a brand that can be really hit or miss, so I was curious to try this palette when I saw it at Ulta.

When you open the palette it has 6 lip glosses, 6 eyeshadows a mirror and the brush. Unfortunately my first pictures of the inside before I swatched it didn't work, but actually this picture illustrates a good point. Don't use the brush in this palette for the lipgloss. Actually the other end is a sponge tip so I probably wouldn't use that one either, but that's up to you.
The lip brush is so hard, and the gloss so soft that it really gouges the whole thing, taking out too much at once. Use a softer brush or even your finger.

Click through the jump to see swatches...

Both pictures swatched left to right in the order they appear in the palette.

I think both the glosses and shadows in this palette are pretty good. They have nice pigmentation and consistency. These swatches are actually one quick swipe of my finger. This is definitely a good palette if you want to try out profusion. It can be found at Ulta stores (near the register in the carousels with all the small products) for $3.99. Some stores even have another version of this palette that is pink instead of silver, and has different colors inside.

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