Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shellac manicure - 7 days later

Despite the chip on my thumb that happened the first day I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the Shellac manicure. No other chipping or wear at all. Only problem is, much like with the Revlon Colorstay polish, I am getting bored having the same polish on for so long. I miss painting my nails!! They are starting to grow out a bit.

Here are the pictures. I got one more tiny tiny chip on my right index finger but it's barely noticeable. I actually bought myself some gel polishes and borrowed a UV light from a friend so when I remove this I will be trying a do-it-yourself. I will definitely post the results. I am having cuticle issues right now, it is so dry in my house, even with daily treatment my hands look terrible. Don't even ask about my lips.

Left hand

Left thumb

Right hand

Right thumb

 Now we'll see how long I can stand it. Part of me wants to keep it on just to see how long it really would last. Part of me wants to take it off right now and start a new mani! Whatever I decide I will document the removal process. The possible difficulty of that is adding to my restraint right now.

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