Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My first Julep Maven box!

I got my first Julep Maven box in the mail a few days ago. I have to say that I am impressed!

So, for my $19.99 (actually I had a coupon so I think this was $5 making it an even better deal) I got 2 full size nail polishes, in Anne (the purple creme) and Maria (pink foil). Their polishes sell for $14 a piece so it's already paid for itself and then some. And these are colors I will actually wear. Also pictured is a sample of their hand cream that was also in the box.

In addition to the polishes and the sample, I got a full sized Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener. That sells for $32. I have yet to use it but it does smell good. I have a few other hand creams I want to use before starting another.

I am very happy with this Maven box. The polishes apply very nicely, 2 coats was perfect coverage. I am sure that since this was in introductory box it's a worth a bit more than the regular monthly boxes will be, in fact I decided to skip on my first regular box. But that's part of the beauty of this program, if you don't like the box they are going to send you for the next month they give you plenty of time to skip it and not be charged for that month. You also have the option to send it to a friend as a gift or choose a different box.

Here is my referral link if you would like to check it out and take a look around their site.
Julpe Maven

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