Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Revlon Colorstay 2012 - Update

OK, it's now been 5 days since I applied this and it's still pretty much perfect. I did have a small chip on my thumb but I think that was more an issue of a crack in my nail than the manicure. All the other fingers look fine. Barely even any tip wear. The only problem, for me, is that it's boring to wear the same manicure for 5 days!! And I can't sit here and swatch my polishes just for fun like I like to do sometimes.

So if you need a mani that stay for days, definitely try this. I am also going to do a couple more experiments, one wearing the Colorstay polish with other base/top coats and another wearing the Colorstay base/top coats with different polish.

Here's a picture of five days of wear. Sorry I got so bored with it I put some China Glaze Glam on the tips, but I think it's thin enough (I didn't finish) that you can see the tip wear or lack of it. And unfortunately you can see where my cat managed to scratch me right at the cuticle on my picture hand!! I obviously need to do something about them anyway, they all look horrible. But the polish is good. :)

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