Monday, January 9, 2012

Revlon Colorstay 2012

I saw a huge display of this stuff at CVS the other day. It promises a gel-like shine for 11 days. The small print tells you that this is if you use their base coat, polish and top coat. All they had was the colors here, no base or top coat. Tonight I was at Walgreens and found the display with everything. I just had to try this out.

I remember the old Colorstay nail polish. It came in a bubble pack of a color and a top coat, many of which were glitter. I actually still have a bottle of the top coat and it smells like plastic so bad (and always has) I remember why I hardly ever used it.

So I have better hopes for the new stuff, and I picked up the base coat, top coat and 3 colors. I am going to test it out and see how long it really lasts. I will keep you updated. The thing I find odd is that Revlon does not have any information about this polish on their website yet, and I wanted to link to it. I don't get that. If it should ever go up I will put a link to it. There are several colors in the new line.

Here is the top and base coats and the three colors I got: Rain Forest, Amethyst and Cafe Pink.

Cafe Pink

Rain Forest

Base and Top Coat

I did my manicure on Saturday, finishing about 2am, so far, so good. I was really looking forward to using the green but sometimes I can't keep the darker shades on my nails for too many days. I'm not really a dark polish person, even though I like it, so I tend to wear it less often and for shorter periods of time. So I used the Cafe Pink for my test run. I did have to use 3 coats but it smoothed out really well and I think it looks nice.

I will keep you updated about how long this lasts, etc...

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