Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Manicure

I was at Ulta this weekend and took a look at the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. Most of the colors were not for me, but I did really like the pink and black glitter ones so I picked them up. If you'd like to see the full line, polishaholic has the whole line swatched right here.

The colors I got are Pink Friday and Metallic4life. Pink Friday is a pretty basic pink. In fact I think it looks a lot like I Think in Pink. I plan on doing a comparison of them soon. Metallic4Life is 3 sizes and shapes of silver glitter in a black base. It's completely awesome.

Gelous is what I use over really chunky glitter.

I went for a really basic manicure, using the pink for an accent nail.
As you can see, the glitter really shines on this polish. It is rather bumpy but the Gelous cuts it way down.
Anyone else get any of the colors from Nicki Minaj? The other polishes just weren't my style. Yellow/green looks terrible on me, I already have too many teals that look like this one, the other glitter has glitter bars in it, which I do not like, and I have never been into the Shatter/Crackle looks. So I'd say overall this collection is not really for me, I was able to get a couple really nice polishes out of it.

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